The leather is an elegant fabric material use mainly for the jackets during the winter season. The leather looks great in the dyed or even in the natural color. It adds a great quality to any design. Leather promotes a compelling look and suits everyone. It adds appreciation elegance, naturalness, strength and quality. Do remember that the real leather jacket does not crack or won’t peel. So to maintain the best look by the jacket maker it is essential to provide the accurate and fit size to stand out your appearance even in a crowd.

Size guide

Please note that the size chart of the real jacket Maker is designed specifically for our customer’s measurements. It is based on the size provided by us. It might be possible that the size of other brands may vary in sizes so for shopping with us you must follow the size chart provided by us.

Women and Men essential guide for measurement

Follow the chart measurements to place the order for your desired jacket if you are not confirmed about the size then take the measurements accordingly and match them in inches or in centimeters by our tables. In this way you will be able to find the desired and appropriate size. However if you want to place the order for the customized jacket then reach to the customer agent after placing your order. Variation in sizes are also accepted.

How to take measurements?

Following is the guide for women and men which will determine the size of the jacket. Make sure to take the measurements properly if you are not confirm about your proper size. You can take the additional help as well.

  • Sleeve length is required. You have to take the measurement from the prominent bone of the left shoulder along the center back of the neck and all along to the right shoulder to the wrist bone.
  • Measure the bust area appropriately. Just measure the circumference of the chest from the under arms to the full chest. Keep the tape horizontal around the chest for accurate measuring.
  • Chest circumference is a must for the men.
  • Length is optional for the leather jacket but if you are ordering the customized jacket then start from the end of the neck and hang down from the back.

In most of the cases hip size and the length is optional.



Ladies Size Chart :

ladies size chart